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We make an earnest effort to make sure that merchandise listed on our website is available in stock and that the prices shown are correct. In the unlikely event when we’re not able to send your order or replacement due to unavailability of the product in our warehouse, we will inform you within a maximum of 2 working days from the date you place the order.

Authenticity of Indian Ayurveda to Your Doorstep!


HerbalHillsUS, is one of the Trustworthy Manufacturers and Exporter of Herbal Ayurvedic Supplements since past 15 Years. We have a Modern & fully equipped Manufacturing Unit in Maharashtra.

We believe in the healing power of Ayurveda with the ability to suppress and fight with health ailments. On this basis, HerbalHillsUS identified few authentic herbs from the roots of Ayurveda and combined them with modern science and introduced them as Potent Herbal Ayurvedic Supplements.

Best Facility for Best Products!!

Leading Ayurvedic Product Manufacturers from India

Herbal Hills has a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified Manufacturing unit in Lonavala, Maharashtra.

Straight from Indian Organic Land


Herbal Hills believes in offering one of the most thorough selections of USFDA certified organic supplements. We Own Organic Land in the Range of Sahyadri Mountains to protect the Authenticity of Organic Herbs. 

We always opt for cultivation without chemicals or synthetic inputs, thus focusing on traditional farming methods. Along with the health of our customers, we take the environment into serious consideration. Thus, Herbal Hills supports the Organic Movement and stepping towards an organic lifestyle.

We Make Life Healthier!

Ayurvedic Solution to Daily Health Problems

A busy Lifestyle always takes a toll on a healthy lifestyle! And in this era of Ayurveda 2022, people are keen to add the value of ancient Ayurveda to their daily life.
We, Herbal Hills have come up with Daily Healthcare supplements for various health problems. Ranging from the common problem of Weight Loss to a critical health ailment like Cardiac Health.
We are Offering Ayurvedic Herbs in Table | Capsule | Powder form.
We aim to become our Daily Health Buddy!