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Herbal Hills Nagarmotha Powder/ Nut Grass (Cyperus Rotundus), Healthy Digestion, Ayurvedic herb from Natural Habitat – 16 Oz, 454 GMS

  • Nagarmotha Powder helps to promotes physical and emotional well being and also supports women’s health. It may support to cope with menstrual discomforts.
  • Helps to maintain digestive health and promotes gastrointestinal health. Nagarmotha Powder/cyperus rotundus is digestive in nature and enhances the digestive fire.
  • purity, potency and freshness of this nutgrass/ Nagarmotha powder is maintained by storing them in climate Managed, light controlled and atmosphere regulated storages
  • To maintain the optimum quality standards of cyperus rotundus/ Nagarmotha Powder, we have ISO, GMP, Halal, USDA and NOCA certifications.
  • Quality, Strength and Safety: Pure and Natural from sustainably farmed sources, without the use of Preservatives. Produced in a Good Manufacturing Practices certified facility as per recommended clinical strength
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