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Herbal Hills Ambehaldi Powder 454 gms (16 oz) – Amba Haldi (Curcuma Amada) | Wild Turmeric Powder for Glowing Skin & Immunity

  • Natural Immunity booster : Wild Turmeric Powder helps to fight with collon cough & cold and also various health problems.
  • Wild Turmeric Powder is gluten-free, chemical free, vegetarian. Also have have ISO, GMP, Halal, United States Department of Agriculture (USFDA) and National Organic Certification Association (NOCA) certifications.
  • Natural Skin Care Products: Wild Turmeric Powder helps to improve the skin health and manage acne breakout. It also helps in healing wounds and mostly consumed with hot milk.
  • Amba Haldi for Digestion: Wild Turmeric Powder helps in improving digestive health and metabolism. Maintains healthy gut flora

Herbal Hills Baheda Powder (Terminalia bellerica), 454 gm (16 oz), Detoxification, Rejuvenation, Healthy Digestion

  • Bloating, Flatulence Relief and Digetsion: Baheda Powder is known as a natural laxative, helpful in bloating, flatulence. It also promotes healthy toxin elimination and it is good for hair health
  • Terminalia bellerica Benefits: Baheda Powder helps in balancing lipid level and blood pressure.It is also known as digestive supplement. It is helpful in loss of Appetite, flatulence and other digestive problems.
  • bibhitaki/ Baheda Powder: Raw herbal powder, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian. No additives, chemicals, artificial colours
  • Safety and Assurity of Terminalia bellerica powder: Baheda Powder has SO, GMP, Halal, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and National Organic Certification Association (NOCA) certifications to maintain global quality standards.

Herbal Hills Organic Neem Powder (Azadirachta Indica) – 454 gms (16 oz) – 100% Pure Neem Leaf Powder for Healthy Skin, Hair, Blood Purification,& More* – Vegan, USDA Organic Cretified

  • Ancient Organic Neem Powder: In the Ayurvedic texts, it is mentioned as one of the versatile plant, owing to its health benefits. This herb comes with multiple benfits and can be used orally and externally. It is also one of the oldest herb found in the Ayurvedic texts
  • Neem Powder Organic for Skin Care: It is one of the best Ayurvedic herbs to imrpove the skin health. It is also beneficial for hair, nails, and scalp, because it helps to purify the blood and encourages to cleanse out toxins.
  • Neem Leaf Powder Organic for Daily Use: This neem powder can be used on a dialy basis with various variety. There are lot of DIY are avaibale for using 100% Organic Neem powder, such as hair mask, face mask. In various places neem toothpaset is also available to fight with the mouth germs. With so many benefits, Neem is one of the most essential herb in almost every home.
  • Herbal Hills is committed to offering the highest quality organic neem powder and is USDA certified organic. All our products is tested to ensure product quality and safety.

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