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Herbal Hills Bael Patra Powder – 454 gms (16 oz) – Bael Leaf | Bilva | Ayurvedic Aegle Marmelos – Supports Proper Function of The Bowels and Promotes Healthy Stool Formation

  • Bael Patra powder is lab tested for quality, 100% natural, chemical free, vegan & gluten free.
  • Finely crushed bael fruit powder is great in daily living to improve digestive health. bael patra powder helps in healthy digestion and increases metabolism. Promotes complete bowel evacuation
  • bael patra powder/ bilva powder helps to maintain natural blood sugar level and also lower the problem of anxiety and dizziness
  • Bael leaves powder helps in maintaining healthy lipid level and thus may be useful for healthy weigth management. Opt for natural Bael Patra powder to experience improved living

Take 2 to 3 gms powder, 2 times a day or as advised by the physician

Herbal Hills Guggul Vegie Capsules (Gymnema Sylvestre) – 500 mg, 120 Vegie Capsules | Healthy Cardiovascular function| Ayurvedic Medicine to suppot lipid level

  • Unique Conbination of Guggul & Arjuna: Guggul contains guggulsterones, that support cholesterol and triglyceride levels within normal range while Arjuna supports cardiovascular health and regular heartbeat. Guggulu in this product is purified with Triphala & Guduchi and Arjuna extract blended with it having 5% guggulsterone. Opt for Guggul Vegie Capsules now!
  • Cardiovascular Support: Ancient Indian medical system -Ayurveda recommends Guggul Vegie Capsules (gymnema sylvestre)and Arjuna for cardiovascular health since past 3000 years
  • Lipid Level Maintainance and Anti-Oxidant: gymnema sylvestre 500 mg capsules may support cardio vascular health, weight management and healthy blood pressure levels by lowering the lipid level. Guggul Vegie Capsules may have anti-oxidants to fight oxidative stress.
  • Trusted Brand:Herbal Hills take pride in using only the finest ingredients, and manufacture all products in our US GMP compliant, state-of-the-art, facility. Herbal Hills’ Guggul Vegie Capsules (gymnema sylvestre capsules) is a must buy for improved living

Herbal Hills Gurmar Powder (gymnema sylvestre) | Natural Sugar Balancer| Raw, Gluten-Free – USDA, NOCA Certified

  • Gymnema sylvestre for blood sugar – gymnema also known as “Gudmar”, which means ‘Sugar-Destroyer’. It helps in maintaining normal blood sugar levels. It also supports normal glucose tolerance. The gymnema sylvestre Powder helps to regularize the sweet taste.
  • Gymnema sylvestre powder helps to maintain healthy lipid level as in normal healthy body. It may maintain the metabolic activities of liver and kidney.
  • Gymnema sylvestre powder helps in improving digestion, regularizing bowel movements
  • 100% Natural Gurmar Powder/ gymnema sylvestre Powder has ISO, GMP, Halal, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and National Organic Certification Association (NOCA) certifications for safty and quality

Take 3 gms powder, 1 to 2 times a day or as advised by the physician

Herbal Hills Jambu/ Jamun Powder (Eugenia Jambolana) 16oz – 454 GMS, Ayurvedic Blood Purifier, Blood Sugar Balance Powder

  • The Jamun Powder contain natural acids, which helps in supporting healthy digestion. Jambul seed Powder contains a glycoside, named Jamboline which helps in the maintenance of glucose levels that are already in the normal limits.
  • Herbal Immunity Booster: Jambu/ Jamun powder helps in improving Immune health and keeps body protected from environmental changes
  • Ancient, Authentic and Traditional Jamun Powder – It has been traditionally used in Ayurveda for ages for supporting blood purification process and also helps in healthy digestion by aiding in proper secretion of digestive enzymes. Jambu seed is rich in antioxidants like flavonoids and polyphenols. It also boosts the immune system and also known as herbal blood sugar control powder
  • Jamun Powder is cutivated and processed in facilities which have ISO, GMP, Halal, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and National Organic Certification Association (NOCA) certifications. Jamun seed Powder is a Must Have for healthy living!

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