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Herbal Hills Organic Shatavari Powder (Asparagus racemosus) – 545 gm (16 oz) – Ayurvedic Herb for Vata & Pitta, Women’s Health, Energy, Stamina & More – USDA Organic certified

  • Organic Shatavari Powder for Calm and Coolness: Shatavari root extract is known to soothe excessive pitta throughout the body. It also help to balance vata, thus suggested to be a great herb for maintaining women’s and men’s health
  • Rejuvenative Herb: Organic asparagus/ shatavari Powder is known to build ojas and strengthens the immune system by nourishing and toning the whole body, providing stamina and energy
  • Ancient Shatavari Powder – asparagus fresh organic powder is an Ayurvedic herb with a great history that supports Male & Female health
  • Herbal Hills is committed to offering the highest quality organic Shatavari powder (asparagus organic) and is USDA certified organic. All our products is tested to ensure product quality and safety.

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