Herbal Hills Punarnava Powder 454gms Pack/ 16oz


  • Raw herb powder, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Punarnava Powder is prepared as per traditional Ayurvedic standards. Punanrnava Powder contains certifications like ISO, GMP, Halal, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and National Organic Certification Association (NOCA)
  • Punarnava Powder is utilized to help in comfortable movements of the joints for those with Kapha (Water) imbalances. It also helps in reducing Joint stiffness, thus known as joint pain relief supplements
  • In Ayurveda, Punarnava Powder is used for Kapha Balancing. Punarnava promotes Healthy Kidney Functions. It also exert elecrolyte balancing properties. It helps in eleminating toxins from the body and maintaing healthy Kidney functions, thus known as Herbal Kidney Supplement
  • Punarnava Powder (boerhaavia diffusa) – Made with 2 words – “Punar” and “Nava”, which means Re-New. Punarnava is a herb of choice for its Rejuvenative & Refreshing Properties. It helps in clenasing the body and thus helping you to keep it healthier.

Take 3 gms powder, 1 to 2 times a day or as advised by the physician




Herbal Hills Punarnava Powder (boerhaavia diffusa) | Ayurvedic Formula | Kapha Balancer | Promotes Healthy Kidney Functions

Herbal Hills, one of the trusted and leading herbal brand is presenting punarnava root powder. If you are looking for Herbal Ayurvedic supplement for liver and kidney health, then Punarnava Root Powder from Herbal Hills is just a right pick. Punarnava is combination of two words – “Punar” means “Again” and “Nava” means “New”. It is also known as boerhaavia diffusa. Thus whole Punarnva and Punarnava extract helps in rejuvenating the body and keeps you refreshed all day long. boerhaavia diffusa punarnava whole plant made its special values in the Ancient Ayurvedic texts, owing to its medicinal properties. According to Ayurveda Punarnava Powder helps to bring new life in the human beings by controlling several health problems. With the presence of Electrolyte balancing properties, Punarnava helps in maintaining a Kidney health naturally. Additionally, Punarnava Powder may depicts alkaloids, beta-sitsterol, flavonoids, lignans, oxalic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, and punarnavine. It is also consider as a dosha balancer and helps in supporting healthy weight management. It helps in improving the Kindey functions by removing toxins, thus called as Urinary pain relief powder. Additionally, it is also beneficial to relieve joint pain. Along with Punarnava 500 mg powder, Punarnava capsules have become modern people’s choice.

Herbal Hills is a leading cultivator, manufacturer and exporter of herbal Ayurvedic products. Containint certifications like ISO, GMP, Halal, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) and National Organic Certification Association (NOCA), Punarnava powder is safe to consume. Authentic, A-Grade Quality, Sourced from its natural habitat (mostly collected from forest and eco-friendly). Powder contains all the properties of the herbs, thereby all the constituents and nutrients of the herb remain intact as we do not extract any ingredient nor any oil from the raw herb. Opt for the Punarnava powder today!

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