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Organic Wheat Grass Powder / Triticum Aestivum 16 ounce | 454 gms organic wheatgrass powder weight loss supplement Immunity Support liver detox supplement


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Increase Energy Level & Blood Circulation: Wheat grass powder contains one of the most essential ingredients - chlorophyll which rapidly transports oxygen and other nutrients throughout the body. This will help the body having higher energy levels, better stamina and greater endurance.

Natural Detox: Organic Wheat grass powder contains good amount of proteins that may help in cleaning the intestinal tract, as well as the colon, and flushing harmful toxins and pathogens from the body.

Wheatgrass powder organically has high chlorophyll content in wheat grass makes it an excellent, all-natural detoxifier. Thus, it supports healthy digestive health *

Wheat grass food rich in antioxidant: Packed with healthy chlorophyll, our vegan wheatgrass juice powders deliver the nutritional properties of greens in a convenient, easy to digest powder form *


Organic Wheatgrass Powder from Herbal Hills is an excellent green food supplement. There are many reasons to go healthy these days. Of course a lot of people are concerned about what they eat, and the amount of nutrients the body can gain from a particular food. However, a lot of individuals do not know or are not too keen to realize the health benefits in a meal, just because of the taste or how the food looks, is not to their liking.Organic Wheatgrass powder, for example, is not everyone's favorite food. Those who may have an idea of the effects of wheatgrass and other super foods may decide to consume them. However, given the choice between a burger and a vegetable or a fruit, many would choose the tasty junk foods than eat wheatgrass.However, in terms of Ayurveda, the basic principle of maintaining good health is balancing your diet with lots of nutrients and vitamins. This Organic wheat grass powder will fulfill your nutrients deficiency and make you feel energetic entire day. It contains pure extracts of wheatgrass which is a super-rich green food supplement. It has many benefits for your overall all health and wellness. You can consume this powdered form of wheatgrass for weight loss, boosting immunity, to purify blood, remove toxins & waste and so forth. So, you can try this wheat grass powder & include it in your everyday diet to feel strong and healthy throughout the day.

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